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About Tafe

For 17 years at TAFE inc, our team of experienced data scientists, senior economists and financial engineers use cutting-edge modern tools to create tailor-made solutions for each and every client to help optimize their business decisions. Our focus remains on boosting our clients’ business profits by detecting and intercepting any future challenges and offering them the most optimal solution through our predictive analytics. This has made TAFE inc a leading technology services and consulting company focused on building innovative solutions that address clients’ most complex digital transformation needs. We leverage our holistic portfolio of capabilities in consulting, design, engineering, operations, and emerging technologies to help clients realize their boldest ambitions and build future-ready, sustainable businesses.

We deliver on the promise of helping our customers, colleagues, and communities thrive in an ever-changing world.

As a global enterprise, TAFE inc values every single client’s privacy and follows globally accepted privacy principles. Our mission has always been to foster a corporate culture that promotes privacy protection through strict protocols and awareness.


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